Vision sciences society 2017

Our lab has participated in this year’s annual VSS meeting in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

We had a range of presentations covering neurophysiology, behavior, and modeling.

Chen has presented his studies on the foveal visual representation of the primate superior colliculus, and Antimo described our thoughts on microsaccade control by brainstem nuclei. Konstantin also showed some results on microsaccade control, this time exploring how they are generated based on arbitrary and abstract task instructions.

Through collaborations with our long term collaborator, Prof. Masatoshi Yoshida, we have also highlighted our observations on microsaccades in monkeys that exhibit blindsight after losing a portion of their primary visual cortex. These intriguing results are giving us insights on the contributions of different visual pathways to microsaccadic modulations, especially after attentional cueing.

Finally, our recent visiting Master’s students (Nik, Nils, Cordula, and Sebastien) contributed a nice behavioral study on changes in visual perception that occur around the time of saccades.

Abstracts of our work can be found at the online VSS program web site, and they will also soon be featured in the Journal of Vision.

Among the many interesting highlights of this meeting, we were particularly intrigued by the haptics lecture presented by the keynote speaker.