27th Oculomotor Meeting

mutuzu_2017_bOur lab has participated in the 27th Oculomotor Meeting, which took place here in Tuebingen, and which brings together oculomotor and vestibular researchers, neurophysiologists, and clinicians to discuss contemporary topics in the field. The meeting has historically involved participants from cities like Tuebingen, Zurich, and Munich, but there are also other participants from farther places, like Austria.

The meeting this year was organized by our colleagues at Tuebingen’s Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics.mutuzu_2017

Our lab had six presentations about our work showcased in this meeting, and the presentations spanned neurophysiological results, behavioral experiments, as well as methodological descriptions.

Involvement of clinicians at this meeting was particularly informative for us, because it gave us a chance to learn about pathologies associated with oculomotor and vestibular function.